Wii Fit as Long as I Live

by Wicked Celtics

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Watch the Official Music Video:

Who can get away with writing an entire song about Nintendo's exercise video game Wii Fit? None other than the legend, the myth, the modern rock hero: Wicked Celtics.


“Okay, I take back everything I’ve ever said about Wii Fit being for mostly women because this video is as Manly as it gets. Wicked Celtics has put together a music video and song featuring what apparently is manliest game of all time, which is Nintendo’s exercise game.I do WANT to be hardcore and I will get on board! Watch the music video, but be careful; your testosterone is going to boil!” - slashgamer.com

“Awesome Video” - purenintendo.com

“Verdammt, das Jahr ist noch keine zwei Tage alt, aber ich habe schon einen Ohrwurm im Kopf. Wicked Celtics nennen sich die Interpreten des wohl ersten Rock Songs in dem Wii Fit besungen wird. Ab in die ganze News mit Euch…” - onipepper.de


Boom! You wanna be hardcore

Well, get on board

A little white board

On my living room floor

It'll work you out

It'll work you down

It'll work you right

Into the best shape of your life

Wii Fit as long as I live

Wii Fit forever

You wanna look real hot

You wanna be not fat

You wanna feel real good

But most of all be not fat

Well, this ain't no game

It's a way of life

For those who are pumped

And those who are psyched to get

Wii Fit as long as I live

Wii Fit forever

No, don't stow it away

Don't hide it away

Cause you'll forget it

You gotta get it, stretch it,

push it, crunch it, got it?


released January 4, 2009
Recording Location: New York Ave Studios
Producer: Dave Hawkins, Wicked Celtics