Wild and Wicked (This Ain't No Waterpark, Baby)

by Wicked Celtics

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First off, I've got to thank Mr. Gavin Rossdale for stopping by and really "making" this video. You were great, G-man. You're one of my idols, right behind Scott Stapp, Kid Rock and that dude from Saliva.

Second off, thanks to YOU for supporting the advancement of buttrock first-hand by singing these songs, sharing these videos and keepin' that stubborn modern rock flame alight! As a thank you for all of your comments, faves and ratings, I make sure the ringtones you want are on me.

Drop me a line, note, or asymptote. Keep in touch, and never change.

Wicked C.


I love you so much, it hurts me baby
And I know you love me
But you understand, I'm more than a one-woman man

The leader of the tribe
Alpha male type of guy
Meaning that I'm a man
Built to be free

I can't be caged, although many have tried
I can't be tamed, although many will try
I was born to be wild, wild and wicked

I am the last of a dying breed
Surviving only on loving
And glycerine, glycerine

And if there's someone to blame
Mother Nature's her name

The lion of the pride
Type A type of guy
Meaning that I'm a beast
Built to be free

This is who I am! ...Wild and Wicked.


released April 14, 2009
Recorded at New York Ave Studios

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